Professional obligations

Dental practitioners and students are in a respected and vital position, providing care to individuals and their families in a diverse range of settings across Australia. Registered health professionals have an obligation to ensure their therapeutic interventions and professional relationships are safe, person-centred, appropriate and responsive.

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Health issues and your work

You are not immune to experiencing health issues that may have a direct impact on your ability to provide safe and quality care. There are some unique workplace demands that may affect your own health and wellbeing, or that of a colleague. Health issues that are not acknowledged and treated can escalate to a health impairment which can impact on the ability to provide safe and quality care.

All dental practitioners and students are professionally, ethically and legally accountable to provide safe and quality care, ensuring your health and your colleagues' health is not impaired to a degree that clients and patients are at risk of harm.

Your professional responsibilities

Dental practitioners in Australia, as registered health practitioners, have professional obligations concerning their own health and the health of their colleagues. This may include making a voluntary or mandatory notification to the Australian Health Practitioner Regulation Agency (Ahpra) if the public is at risk of harm.