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Many of us are feeling a sense of uncertainty as COVID-19 continues to impact our lives. As a dental practitioner or student you may feel a sense of uncertainty around your health, the health of your loved ones, job or business security, or how your work is being effected.

Are you living the dental dream?

Why is it that people at the top of their game feel unfulfilled, lost and ready to throw years of study or even decades of their career away? Why is this? What can we do to keep ourselves happy in our professions?

Tips for a happier, healthier workplace

A healthy, positive workplace environment can have a profound impact on your motivation and wellbeing at work. While you may not have complete control over your surroundings at work, even making small improvements can make a difference.

Loneliness, isolation and stress

It’s normal to experience loneliness at some point in your life and, for many people, time spent alone can often be beneficial. But if you feel alone and isolated, there are things you can do to prevent and reduce the stress that might be symptomatic of these feelings.